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Esther Amolo

Red pen on paper.

Don’t take these too seriously.

a. The value of Z is A
b. That I honestly don’t know what I am saying.

MUMIAS on that ROAD...very FWANNY!!! lets go as we recall MAATHARI...our very funny dance ONLINE raid ARMY BOLUE TACKS it .THUMB TACKS. windowsa no no...dreamer.Minds Eye. The earth Till the EARTH..mona LISA..asparta. 2000 7 4 3 1. render please.

I like ass man.

no longer Afraid to be LEFT BEHIND???

do you finger???

the determinism of feminism

oil on canvas
sketch studies 01.

sketch study 02
a slight commentary on masculine arrival.
depending on luck really, how old does the man come into being: a nest owner? man is providence.

I know a man who finally breakthrough in his forties, at fifty Something I see him drop this kids at nursery school. I feels sad for him sometime. He doesn't feel sad for himself.


Medium: acrylic probably
sketch studies.


The Judges
I and I.


Different women. Different glasses

Opinions are asses everyone hearses.

The conception of Arita

Concept and story

work in progress

Agot nyar ma
Acham rabolo koso?
Nikech rabolo oya
Sama an gi kuyo
Kaparo geno mara
Ndalo mane chunya wuyo (gweyo, yweyo?
Ka aguyo
Kibwonjo embele na

Seche gi mag mudho
Ler ni olal
Nikech wabudho

Koth oseoo

Thuth ochamo mane wakeyo
In gi Yie
Wakom geno kendo?
Osiep chunya mapok ang’eyo.

rain is God peeing

as children so we believed a common myth

struggling with my sex addiction

am finally set free

by making the sky goddess squirt.

Livity is half lively stranger is the moonbeam. Passion feeds on the seventy and kills it. — Ras Fulani.

Jyna Omox

trying to remember who I was at sweet sixteen; the lax in between :-)

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